12 Steps to Bridge the Customer Engagement Gap

We have high regard for Virsys12, an award-winning technology consultancy and a Nashville-based salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner, and are collaborating with them on potential future projects that involve SalesForce. Below is an excerpt of a recent blog post that we thought our readers would enjoy:

Using technology to bridge the customer engagement gap is critical, but we’re not talking about the “rise of the machines” here. The best technology solutions are about elevating thehuman touch between the people inside your company and their customers, prospects, vendors and partners.

Here are Virsys12’s 12 moves for humans using technology:

1. Use the cloud. It’s hard to know your customer when information is scattered across multiple computers, spreadsheets, notes and systems. Using integrated cloud technology is the game changer, consolidating what we know about customers and keeping that knowledge current across people and platforms.

2. Upgrade for speed. According to a Kissmetrics study, 47% of consumers want web pages to load in two seconds or less. Patience is gone among your customer base—if it ever existed in the first place. If your technology is behind, so are you.

3. Collaborate. Today’s social collaboration tools make it easy for people to sync up and work together on customer issues, sales opportunities and other campaigns, whether the team is internal, external, virtual or all of the above.

4. Curate collective intelligence. There’s a wealth of knowledge that’s locked up inside your team. Social and online collaboration tools mean people can share and learn from each other’s experiences, and if someone leaves, their knowledge won’t leave with them.

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