To “Smart Phone” or NOT to “Smart Phone?”


I received this message from a church pastor, let’s call him Bill ( and why not, that’s his real name.)

Do you think it is mandatory for leaders to have fully enabled e-devices to participate in social media and outreach? I ask because of my current, limited experiences with my $0.99 phone w/no data plan. Are there options available without going full-blown tech/data heavy? Just curious…finding it hard to commit the extra $ in that direction.

Basically, the question is, do you really need a smart phone to participate in social media, if you are a “leader?”

Unfortunately this not a short answer but I will try. First, there is outreach and then there is digital outreach (using social media is part of digital outreach).

Secondly, not all leaders do their organization’s outreach at, least, their social media.

Then again, in a small organization such as possibly the church that Bill (real name Bill) oversees, one person fills many of the blocks on the organizational chart, including Social Media Coordinator.

Given that, I would say that whomever is in charge of the digital portion (social media portion) of the outreach activities, it would bode well if that person had a portable device so that they could initiate social media posts from/about events as they happen, monitor conversations and respond to inquiries/posts by others in a timely manner.

The social media world loves spontaneity and responsiveness. Similar to the Oreos story as it pertains to last year’s Super Bowl power outage.

All that being said, you, or someone like Bill (real name Bill) can carry on digital outreach (social media) from a PC or laptop by scheduling posts according to an editorial calendar. But again, that doesn’t necessarily provide the spontaneity from your events, etc, etc, etc, (I am pretty sure that the rule is to never use etc. unless you use 3 in a row) that the social media world thrives upon..



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