We Write Comedy

Ads with humor tend to have more impact and, the funnier an ad is, is the more memorable it is likely to be.HumorStatisticsMany people watch the big football game each year just as much for the commercials as the game.   Which ads do people, typically, remember most? The ones that make them laugh.

That’s where our group of professional comedy writers comes in.  Comedy writers that have written for local, regional and national outlets who understand how to write comedy that specifically supports your brand and makes it memorable and, in today’s world of social media, SHARE-able.

  • Web Videos that you can post on social media channels for sharing
  • Info graphics that you can post on social media channels for sharing
  • Radio Commercials
  • TV Commercials
  • Company presentations
  • Memorable 3-D Mailings
  • Jokes you can tell your friends (not really)
  • We also have full video/audio/graphic design capability through our partner, 321Blink if needed

We’re serious about being funny. Contact us for a project review john.chamberlin@rockpaperscissorschute.com.

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